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  • Индивидуальная печать в пресс-форме
  • Индивидуальная печать в пресс-форме
  • Индивидуальная печать в пресс-форме

Индивидуальная печать в пресс-форме

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транспорт: Ocean,Air

Порт: Guangzhou

Описание продукта

Индивидуальная печать в пресс-форме

In-mold label is mainly used for blow molding and injection molding of PP, PE, PET and other materials. Before blowing and injection molding, stick the printed in-mold labels into the blowing and injection mold cavity, the special glue of in-mold labels melts through the action of high temperature and high pressure, then the in-mold labels with the surface of the bottle or injection molding melt into one, when the mold is opened, a beautifully printed bottle or injection is finished a one-time processing

In Mold LabelIn Mold Label2Equipment2EquipmentToy Label

In-mold labels
Shape and Size
in roll or pieces, size according to the customer's requests
Synthetic paper (pearlescent film and paper) etc. 
Or according to the customers' requests. 
usually 70 micron, 65 micron or according to the customers' requests.
Surface & printed effect
Glossy, matte, orange peel etc. 
metallized silver & gold; scrub, laser, colored light etc. 
Up to 9 colors
1000 square meters
Standard export carton: About 20kg/ carton, or Custom packing is acceptable.
For all kind of injection moulding products. Such as :

1. Packaging containers for beauty products, hair products

2. Packaging containers for medicine and health care products

3. Food and beverage packaging containers

4. Oil and other powder, liquid industrial products packaging containers

5. Packaging containers for edible oil, soy sauce, vinegar and other condiments

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